Gotify Notifications


Keep your Staff informed via Pushmessages on their phone.

You just need your own Gotify-Server which could me deployed via Docker. There are also some other options how to get your own Gotify-Server.

Features of Gotify-Notifications

Custom GOtify-instance

This Module supports custom hosted Gotify-Instances. With this, you never will get problems with your Privacy Policy

Custom Priority

With this feature, you can choose on every notification rule a custom priority. So you are able to choose, how important this alert is for you.

How to Install

The installation is very easy:
1) Get your own Gotify-Installation (How-To)
2) Get the module here and download it.
3) Unzip the module and upload it
4) Go to your Notification-Configuration and configure this Notification-Provider
5) Use this Provider in your Notification-Rules