Proxmox LXC

Proxmox LXC Provisioning 

Sell & Manage LXC-Container with WHMCS from your own Host. Mange IPs and help your Customers.

This and more is possible with this module.



With the noVNC-Console it is very easy for your Customers to manage their Server. Even if SSH-connections are failing.


The Module has a Plan-Manager. With this feature you can create / update or delete your LXC-Plans


With the IP-Address-Management your always have an overview of your IP-Addresses. You can see wich of them are free and if not, which Service they are connected to.

How to Install

The installation is very easy:
1) Set your Proxmox Host up (With Domain!).
2) Create a Permission-Role with only permission to view the VNC-Console (VM.Console).
3) Create a user named „vnc“ in the pve-Realm.
4) Grant the User Permissions von all VMs („/vms“) with your VNC-Permissions-Role
5) Download the LXC-Templates, you want to use.
6) Get the module and load it into your WHMCS-Installation
7) Go to your Addon-Management, enable it and Insert your License-Key
8) Create a Server with your root-Proxmox-Credentials (and with Hostname & IP).
9) Go to the Addon-Page, klick on „Config“ and insert your VNC-User-Password as VNC-Secret
10) Klick on IPAM, create a IP-Pool for your Servers and insert your IP-Adress(es) with the CIDR.
11) Klick on Plans and create your LXC-Plans.
12a) Create a Product, Chose Proxmoxlxc as Module and choose Plan & IP-Pool.
12b) Create Custom Fields „Password“ (Required & Show in Order-Form) and „Template“ (Dropdown, „TemplateNameInProxmox|WonderfulName“)